Tax Season Is Over…

…. and if you're creative, can be really, really beautiful. North Carolina-based artist Nava Lubelski turned tax to treasure with her art installation made from tax returns, rejection letters and more miscellaneous (and much-dreaded) financial paperwork.

Genius, yes? The installation is currently on display in Raleigh gallery Artspace and appears to be well worth the road trip.

Happy end-of-tax-season to you, friends! Let's celebrate with some gorgeous design!

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Pooch Portrait

Samuel Price’s portraiture is not your every-day-point-and-shoot sort of thing. His primary model is not human, but rather their joyful and expressive canine companions. Samuel’s process of collage or photo-montage uses everyday materials as a means of expression. His work has amazing depth and richness. It captures the spirit of these creatures uniquely.  “Combining small pictures as the elements for color and texture within a larger picture, my work uses the same technical elements to conceive a portrait without the use of computers as a guide. Each piece of paper is cut by hand and placed individually onto the working surface, placed meticulously for it’s color and shape. I spend many hours simply digging for the materials that best fit the canvas, searching for the perfect match. Moreover, I find great joy in using materials that have been put to waste and constructing something new and special from the process.” Samuel Price


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