Make It: A Giant Confetti Wall

Because I have white walls (and love them endlessly!), I often find small ways to dress them up every now and then. It’s the perfect way for me to temporarily brighten my space without investing in wallpaper or a bold paint color I might hate in a few weeks. (Anyone else out there an incredibly fickle decorator in this way?)

Naturally, this DIY confetti wall project found in Beci Oprin’s book Find & Keep is the perfect easy solution for a rainy day afternoon. Wouldn’t it be fun to enlist the help of your family and friends to create one giant wall of fun? Here’s how:


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A DIY Dixie Cup Garland

I have such fond memories of dixie cups from my days of Sunday school, childhood “picnics” and toothbrush gargling as a kid. And I suppose somewhere down the line, I completely forget they existed… until now.

Blogger Rhi adapted this idea from a Good Housekeeping magazine a few years ago, putting a lovely pastel spin on the project by creating scrapbook paper covers for each cup. After stringing a strand of Christmas lights through the cups, an instant party staple is born!

I love the look and think it would be equally stunning hanging from a fireplace, kid’s bedroom or quiet office corner all year long. So sweet, yes?

[Image Credits: Jenna McKenzie for The Loveliest Day]

What about you? Do you tend to utilize party decor throughout the year, or are they one-hit wonders in your home?

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