Design Your Holiday Pie

Don’t you just love pie? I am very fond of baking. I look forward to working with my hands, in the quiet, and affording myself the time and patience required. It is such a relaxing, solitary, and experiential process. The way I see it, it’s just another great medium for creative expression. I found these beautiful examples of decorative pies as inspiration this year. Each unique, from traditional to modern patterning. The execution is simple, and the results will be a beautiful focal point on your holiday table.

When working with dough, the key is to work quickly, and keep the dough very cold. Work in small batches, keeping pieces not in use, in the freezer to keep the dough firm. Experiment with your own designs. The beauty of dough is it is very forgiving! In a pinch you can always ball it up, chill it, and start again. Children love working with dough. I often engage our boys to create the cutouts for the top of the pie. They have ranged in theme from funny faces, to pumpkins, to superheroes in their younger days. Making mini pies is a fun way to engage a crowd and personalize the holiday meal.

Have fun and enjoy the process. Happy Baking.

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