Fourth of July Parade



Oh, the charm of a small town Fourth of July parade! Nothing says Summer much like it. While considering options for celebrating our towns annual event, I came across these wonderful designs from Martha Stewart Living. Not only are they Patriotic and a feast for the eyes, these well designed embellishments are easy to create. Check out these Bike Parade Printouts, and print your own Spoke Covers, Pennants and Labels. Hey, there’s even a little something special for the dog!  Happy Fourth of July.

Printable Bike Parade Printouts

Print the Large Medallions Clip Art
Print the Bike Shield Medallions Clip Art
Print the Spoke Covers Clip Art
Print the Pennants Clip Art
Print the Festive Labels Clip Art
Print Bottles of Bubbles Label Clip Art
Learn How to Make a Patriotic Dog Bow Tie

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