Annabel Inganni

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Annabel created her product design company, Wolfum, after nine years of professional design experience in the accessory and apparel industry.  She desires to create a business that would bring meaning through the expression of her values.  Annabel aims to create timeless designs and with her young daughter Bird in mind, hopes to see her creations passed down through generations.

Wolfum is a growing collection of household goods that range from traditional tabletop items (napkins, coasters, placements) to more whimsical items – animal shaped bookends and modern taxidermy style coat hooks — all adorned with Annabel’s pattern designs. Her color palette and design aesthetic has a nod to vintage design but clearly reflects her modern sensibilities. The home accessory industry is often very short-sighted and trend driven; in contrast, Annabel strives to bring a new perspective to how one decorates, with timeless, durable items that will withstand trends and each item is proudly handmade in Los Angeles.

I love seeing how her pattern designs translate with such ease across different materials.  The color palette and vintage style give the products an almost worn-in look, which lends itself towards her vision of having these products stand the test of time.

Annabel’s pillow looks right at home in the top image – LA Times recreated a 1951 home design magazine – swapping out the furniture, textiles and accessories of the past with current products.  Definitely makes a statement about the cyclical nature of design!  Check out the full article here.

A few more of Annabel’s pattern designs are shown above – if you are as enamored with her work as I am, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to meet her in person on August 30th at our Santa Monica store.

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Wolfum website

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