Michael Wolf

The photography of Michael  Wolf captures the pattern, color and repetition of large scale architecture. This series titled ‘The Architecture of Density’, is a study of elements in the built environment and their impact on our visual perception and experience. I absolutely love this series. The ability these images provide to look abstractly a facade, reduces an otherwise overwhelming and enormous presence to the pure, simple, essence of the design. Looking at one single element or detail repeated, allows a unique perspective which is difficult to isolate and view in person. Often we understand the impact of form of the whole which is most often documented, but these artful compositions speak of restraint, and the power of patterning.

What might these images inspire? Perhaps a quilt, a painting, or even a FLOR rug? Have fun with pattern and color in your environment, and be open to finding the source of inspiration for creating in unlikely places. It is there all around us. All we have to do is squint a little.

Images sourced at  www.20ltd.com

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Why Don’t You…?

… decorate your doors, front and back?

Although I can’t read the text that accompanies this gorgeous image, I’m willing to bet that this sweet little installation is either a decal or a quick paint job. Who knows – perhaps it’s nothing more than a few feet of black electrical tape?

However the homeowner pulled it off, I admire the pattern and play. Doesn’t it just dress up the space in a way furnishings can’t? Well played indeed!

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Fall colors and textures…

Are you ready for fall? With the thermometer reading at 96ºF in Los Angeles right now, I do look forward to the cooler weather. I’ve always enjoyed the catalogues that TOAST puts out every season. Do you remember the post I did a while back on La Ricarda? So it’s no surprise that I’m loving their latest Autumn ones. One part woodsy, two parts industrial, and three parts rusts – which I have to admit, I find so much beauty in that… it’s hard to choose which one of these images I’m drawn to the most. Aren’t the colors quite spectacular? The texture and patina to these are just naturally beautiful. I usually put a space in between the images on my posts, but this time I feel they should be attached – strung together if you will – to create a continuous flow…

{ photography by Sarah Maingot for TOAST }

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5 Quirky Ceilings

With so many options for patterned rugs, flooring and wallpapers, it’s high time our ceilings gained some attention, right? Here are five rooms that pack a serious punch from above:

[Image via Coco+Kelley]

First things first — by far the easiest way to freshen up a ceiling is with a bold coat of paint. Doesn’t this bedroom ooze with personality?

[Image via Bravo TV]

Can’t settle on a color you love? Add visual interest by hanging a statement item from above, like this worn canoe attached to a wooden cathedral ceiling.

[Image via Country Living]

Salvaged beadboard takes an average ceiling up a few notches and creates a cozy, stylish space.

[Image via Design Crisis]

With two paint colors a steady hand, you can create a patterned statement in any space. I love the look in a small entryway as pictured above.

[Image via House Beautiful]

A gold leaf ceiling screams culture and sophistication. For a less expensive technique, try a metallic wallpaper.

Which is your favorite? Tough to choose, yes?

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Why Don’t You…?

… play with color in your favorite space?

Image Credit: House & Home

On paper, this room sounds like a bit of a mess: peacock walls, blood orange ceiling and a teal couch. That’s a LOT of color. But you know what? It completely works. Due to a healthy amount of natural lighting, bold accessories and coordinating artwork, this cozy living room is as stylish as it is saturated.

A few tips to make it work?:
1. Don’t underestimate pattern. By mixing patterns and textures, the living room feels less like a graffiti wall and more like a well-designed hideaway.
2. Get neutral. With wooden end tables, a jute rug and hardwood floors, the room feels balanced in all the right places.
3. Accent! Throws, pillows and artwork are the perfect opportunity to marry colors that might not carry the room alone.

Happy color blocking!

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