Bonnee Sharp

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Bonnee’s career has taken her from advertising copy writer in New York to interior designer in L.A.  Her quest for just the right pattern and material led her to the creation of her own designs.  Studio Bon, based here in Dallas, is the realization of her true entrepreneurial and artistic calling.

The Studio Bon textile collection ranges from etchy florals to graphic geometrics.  Bonnee draws inspiration from the simple beauty of familiar objects – iron handrails to interlocking threads.  Her eye is always busy noticing the delicate symmetries in the world around her.  She takes great pride in the fact that each of her unique patterns is printed, one painstaking yard at a time, by artisans in the United States.

Bonnee’s beautiful home has been featured on Design Sponge here and in Rue magazine here (starting on page 216, it’s worth seeking out as her home is stunning and we love the image of Bonnee with her with her two beautiful daughters, who now have a baby brother named Beck!) She has inspired us to think more about those family heirlooms – I can think of a few that are currently gathering dust in a garage.  Take a look below and see how she has updated an unmatched chair and stool that belonged to her her grandparents – first, the wood frames were lacquered in black and then she reupholstered them in, Ellen, a fabric from her collection named after her sister.  What a wonderful way to make family heirlooms and “hand-me-downs” work in a modern home.  She has an incredible eye for mixing old and new, high and low and giving it the feel that it has been that way forever.  We are fans.

Bonnee is a consumate professional, always one step ahead and the fact that she has three young children at home makes this all the more impressive.  In mid-August, she is staging an area of our Dallas store with a vignette showcasing her new collection – we feel truly honored and will be sure to post some images right here.  She has us totally intrigued about her new work :  Inspiration boards jam-packed with pics of dreamy jewel-box interiors, color forecasts, paint chips, bits of ribbon, interesting textures, twigs and leaves, and endlessly morphing geometric shapes have all contributed to our soon-to-launch collection. Selecting the perfect patterns is such a difficult task when you are busy day-dreaming of the possibilities… what fun we’ve had!

If you happen to be in the Dallas area, what could be more delightful than stopping by the FLOR store to meet Bonnee in person and get a sneak peek of her new collection?

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Studio Bon website
Bonnee’s blog

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What I saw in… Lisbon.

Lisbon, Portugal. Where and how do I begin with this city? Full of colors and patterns, everywhere you look. Take this photograph above, how vibrant are the colors? I specially love the teal square windows/shades, so great. And once you start to really explore the place, you are going to very quickly realize every decorative tile on the side of a building was laid in by someone AND sidewalks that are lined with limestone, all done by hand. The painstaking process of it all… and yet I wish we have more of those stateside.


… the bougainvilleas were in full bloom when we were there. Just amazing. And the graffiti? Looks strangely at home doesn’t it?


… don’t ask me why, I couldn’t help but to take yet another Coco-Cola related image (see a more rustic one in Mijas, Spain, here). This caught my eye straightaway as I was struck by how such contemporary graphics could look that good on a traditional cable car. Doesn’t look out of place at all.


… beautiful typography on the side of this building. Still so relevant till this day, don’t you think?


… first off, the blue (and white) door! Such an odd shape but I love it. And the tiles… this is what I’m talking about, this and more – all over Lisbon.


… I was completely inspired by the black and white photography that was displayed along the buildings, for a good four blocks maybe. And they were ads, much less. Simple, but can you see the emotions in them? And how they echo with the patterned limestone on the ground? Such a strong visual statement.

{ all photography by Peggy Wong }

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What I saw in… Casablanca.

Next stop: Casablanca, Morocco. A welcomed change of scenery – quite different from what I saw in Spain. If you ever travel to Casablanca, please do visit the Mosque of Hassan II, you will not be disappointed. It really is quite incredible… I don’t want to bombard this entire post with images of the Mosque, because I do have enough photographs to post 10 times over, but just wanted to give you a glimpse of it, the close-up details if you will. Wanted to start off the post with this super cute little girl (shown above, with the Mosque towering in the background). Don’t you just love her outfit? Fun mix and match of patterns, she definitely pulled it off!


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Missoni Home…

The Legends of La Cienega came and went this year… it’s an annual celebration of design that brings together tastemakers from home décor, interior design, architecture, and of course, art and fashion. I unfortunately was too caught up with work and couldn’t attend any of the two-day events. With all the buzz around the Missoni and Target collaboration coming out this fall, I couldn’t help but to reminisce a design panel that I attended last year during the Legends week. The panel was aptly named “La Dolce Vita: The sweet life of design with color in the home, film, and fashion”. One of the speakers was no other than Wanda Jelmini, the creative director of Missoni Home. Wanda, niece of Rosita Missoni, flew in from Italy to speak on the panel and what a treat it was. When asked what her favorite color is during the panel discussion, I was too happy to hear the answer: white. Yup. Ironic you may say, since Missoni is all about colors. But I think it makes perfect sense…


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Bedtime stories…

I once read, "A perfect bedroom is both stylishly practical and seductively comfortable…" I love bed linens. Although you may think I'm not much of a linens lover when I tell you I only own white sheets, but I am! I like to add pops of colors with throw pillows. In fact, I change them out every season, depending on my mood or what colors I am obsessing at the time. Textures also play an important role here for me – I love mixing different quilts and throws, whether to dress it up, or down. What about you? What colors or textures do you have on your bed? Even though I'm a crisp-white-sheet kind of gal, I have always been fascinated with antique linens. I find myself going through piles and piles of vintage pieces at flea markets. A friend of mine loves to make pillowcases out of them (secretly wishing I was that crafty). Given we spend one third of our lives (or more!) in our bed, we should really be making the best out of it. Perhaps our choice of bedding is really an extension of our personality, a visual interpretation of sorts…

{ images: top, 1-2  scanned from Pottery Barn Bedrooms, photography by Prue Ruscoe; 3-6 scanned from Chic Simple Bed Linens, photography by Maria Robledo }

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