Or just right? What do you think about this extra large pendant lamp hanging above the dining table? First thought that came to mind was – am I going to see the person across the table from me? Second thought was – ok, I need to remind myself not to bump my head against it every time I get up. I admit, beauty does come before practically for me when I decorate sometimes (stressing the sometimes here!). Don't get me wrong, I think this image is striking, especially with the black against the blue wall. Just wondering out loud if this would really work. And how about utilizing two or three of the same pendant lamps in one setting? That would make a pretty bold statement in any room – especially with the last image on the bottom – it's like an instant new design/form, all on its own. It's very funny, but I'm looking at my dining room right now as I'm typing away and can't help but think if my own pendant lamp above the dining table is too small, go figure… LOL!

Side note: how gorgeous are all these color schemes??? Are you drawn to the more vibrant ones or do you go for the softer look?

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