Why Don’t You…?

… transform your favorite musical instrument into an antique-inspired, industrial lighting pendant?

Inspired by this trombone-ish ceiling light, I love the idea of repurposing your musical past in such a creative way. With a bit of re-wiring (and lots of ingenuity!), your guests will wow over a big, brassy statement piece worthy of every room in your home. How sweet would a tiny trumpet be in your child’s nursery? Or perhaps you could hang a long clarinet over the length of your kitchen island?

Whatever you choose, the idea is as fun as it is original. A surefire way to tune in (literally!) to great design, yes?

Image via Delightfull

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Numbers by Bocci…

No. 28 / photography by Robert Keizure

Very much in awe of these pendant light fixtures designed by Omar Arbel of Bocci. Can’t decide whether I like them displayed alone or in a cluster. Each has its own organic quality that I’m really drawn to. When hung by itself, it’s so visually subtle and quiet that it allows the room to have a life of its own. Oh but when they are clustered like a pendant chandelier, they become the center stage… everything in the room revolves around the cluster. The floating and almost candle-like effect is mesmerizing. Quote, due to the organic nature of cast glass – hand crafted and inherently imperfect – each piece produced is entirely unique from any other piece, unquote. Well, I beg to differ on the “inherently imperfect” bit. I think they are quite perfect indeed, in all their shining glory – with bruises, bubbles and all.


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Three Swoon-Worthy Light Fixtures

We’re big fans of MATTER, a New York based shop carrying today’s most talented independent, international and creative designer works. Although you can’t really go wrong with anything that graces their store, my favorite finds are always of the lighting variety.

And after spotting their newest pendants online today, I’ve got three stand-outs in particular that I’m loving in a huge way!:


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