Tip: Let Your Pets Help Choose Your Carpet!

Above: Eero carefully inspects a sample of Making Waves – Sky.

My partner Gregory and I are in the process of choosing new FLOR tiles for the living room. We recently ordered some samples and within seconds of placing the 6″ x 6″ squares on the floor, our two cats made a beeline for them, protracted their claws, and started scratch-scratch-scratching. At first we thought this was merely cute annoying cats being cats, but then we had an epiphany.

We already have FLOR carpet tiles in several other places around the home, and these are some of our felines’ favorite spots for sleeping and scratching (they are not alone). As horrifying as it may sound that our cats scratch the carpet, it has never been a problem, as we’ve chosen materials and textures meant for high foot – or paw! – traffic. (We also have designated scratching posts so the cats aren’t solely focused on the material underfoot.)

Well, we actually kind of forgot about this when we ordered the latest batch of samples … until the scratching started, and then it occurred to us what a good idea it is for cat owners to order samples, let the pets have at ‘em, and then check for any wear and tear! Our cats seemed to have the most fun scratching loopy carpet designs, so we’ll avoid those when ordering the real carpet. (Sorry, kitties!) We’ll stick to low pile, durable options.

One thing the cats can’t help us with, though, is color. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll ask your opinion!

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