Behind the Scenes: FLOR’s 2011 Summer Catalog Photo Shoot

We receive numerous inquires about the photos in our catalog.  So many, in fact, that I decided to tag along for a day at our summer catalog photo shoot to see how these beautiful rooms and images are created.

First off, I have to confess that I had a blast.  I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I’m getting exclusive information before anyone else or if it’s because being able to say, “I’m sorry, can I call you back?  I’m at a photo shoot” sounds so cool or if it’s because I get to see some of the most beautiful homes and peek around at jaw-dropping interior design.  Whatever it is, it was a great experience.

In case you haven’t already heard, unlike most companies, FLOR shoots all of its catalog photography in real people’s homes – not staged studios.  Our creative team will scout these spaces weeks in advance of the actual shoot date and meticulously plot out which  styles should go where.

The furniture and fixtures you see in each room all belong to the owner of that particular home.  We choose homes that have unique architectural elements such as intricate arches or angles, or large open spaces or vast windows.

The FLOR team does add a few styling elements like pillows, shoes …

Or,  accessories like a vase or a ceramic to add a bit of personality.

Once everything is set, the photographer snaps his lens and the FLOR team scrutinizes each photo on a computer to make sure the product and lighting are perfect.

It is a fascinating and meticulous process.  The day I was there, five new FLOR rug designs were scheduled to be shot.  You would think that one full day is plenty of time to take a few photos; but I quickly realized the amount of time, care and attention required to make these gorgeous images cannot (and should not) be rushed.

Because in the end, patience paid off .  The end result was used as one of  FLOR’s beautiful catalog covers – this one featuring Feelin’ Groovy in various hues of purple.

For more Behind the Scenes photos visit FLOR’s facebook page/photo album – Behind the Scenes


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A handsome gift guide…

May I be as bold as to say this is the best looking gift guide I’ve ever seen? Not only are the gifts to die for, but the styling and photography? Spot-on and quite refreshing I must say. To be honest, there has been many a time when I would just flip through gift guides in magazines, literally giving it no more than two seconds of my time. But was I in for a treat when I saw this stunner titled “Guest Stars” from the June issue of Elle Decor. “Make any summer weekend memorable with a stylish gift that guarantees a return engagement”. I like the sound of that! And then I proceeded to spend an embarrassingly long time looking at every . single . gift (well, for myself, HA!) Not to dissect this article to death, but – a collage of basic white frames could really make the simplest objects shine – and to stop me in my tracks.

… ok, I have to mention something about this last image. See that stack of cheese? Rustico with black pepper, Brunet, Piave Vecchio, and Pecorino Sardo from Murray’s Cheese. Yum!

{ all images from Elle Decor June 2011, photography by Geoffrey Sokol, produced by Anita Sarsidi }

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