Season of Light

May your holiday be filled with inspiration from the light of the season! These images were taken by my 12 year old son. When asked to take some pictures of the Christmas tree, he obliged and documented the process of putting up and decorating the tree. Then, he took the creative freedom to investigate further, producing these images which tell a very different story. An insightful look at the movement and power of light. These images startled me-  A reminder to look at the beauty of the season and life in the new year with fresh eyes and an open mind. Thank you Simon, for allowing me to share your work of artistry and imagination. A true Christmas gift.

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Classic Beauty

This time of year, I look forward to firing up my darkroom for the winter season. I enjoy looking at the inspirational work of some of my favorite photographers; some virtually unknown, and some famous, before I delve into my pile of negatives. This year, I will be developing and printing images of years past as well as the trip my family and I took to Yellowstone National Park last summer. Our trip was an awe inspiring journey of wildlife and wilderness, and I look forward to the memories as I work on the images. As inspiration, I am especially drawn to the photography of Ansel Adams this year, as his environments are breathtaking, and remind me to explore, document and appreciate the simple, pure essence of place he captured so completely. There is a contemplative spirit in the detail and highlights. These images are a reminder that natural beauty must be cared for and preserved. Photography is a powerful medium, reflecting truth, and our undeniable reality.

Ansel Adams, Photographer, Conservationist
“At one with the power of the American landscape, and renowned for the patient skill and timeless beauty of his work, photographer Ansel Adams has been a visionary in his efforts to preserve this country’s wild and scenic areas, both on film and on Earth. Drawn to the beauty of nature’s monuments, he is regarded by environmentalists as a monument himself, and by photographers as a national institution. It is through his foresight and fortitude that so much of America has been saved for future Americans.”

President James E. Carter
Presenting Ansel Adams with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Images and excerpts found at

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Scheltens and Abbenes

The creative duo of photographer Maurice Scheltens and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes, are a powerful pair. Creating some of the most visually striking and recognizable imagery around, their photography and styling work can be seen on the pages of top publications for major design directed brands. Their work is planted firmly on a modernist foundation often “reducing the object to clean geometric lines, that will ultimately only exist as a two dimensional image.” A study in composition, resulting in an artful expression that draws the eye to a product line in an unconventional way. Void of environment, their stylistic approach focus’ on the object only, through a study of composition and form. I just love this work. It’s pure, simple and focused. Just the beauty of each subject uniquely revealed.

“Combining their distinct but partly overlapping fields of expertise, Scheltens & Abbenes create commissioned photographs for cultural institutions and large companies (Vitra, Hermes, COS and Yves Saint Laurent) and editorials for magazines (Fantastic Man, The Gentlewomen and New York Times Style magazine).”

All images and excerpts found at Scheltens & Abbenes.

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Why Don’t You…?

[Image via Poppytalk]

… ditch the picture frames?

For photography and art lovers alike, choosing a visual display for your walls can sometimes cause a serious case of decorating anxiety. Surely I’m not the only one, right?

Instead, why not opt for a subtle display by “framing” your art with Japanese masking (washi) tape or painter’s tape? The look is relaxed, informal and flexible, so you’ll suffer from art remorse no longer and can switch out your photos seasonally (or weekly if you’re anything like me!).

Bonus? You’ll save hundreds on picture frames alone. Happy hanging!

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Sarah Illenberger

As a photo-stylist, I am always looking for design inspiration. I came across the work of stylist Sarah Illenberger. Her modern, fresh and innovative approach is highly stylized and deliberate. At first glance, it is apparent she has a keen eye for detail and composition. Right up my alley. I especially enjoy her creative approach to the abstract representation of food. The simplicity is somehow childlike and accessible. Almost good enough to eat. These visual collections are so artful and beautiful, I find them frame-worthy, and could see them on display. She has created work for Wallpaper Magazine above, and Nike, and Papercraft below, as well as many other high end companies around the world.

Born in Munich, Sarah works out of her studio in Berlin as an Illustrator, Art Director and Set Designer. Her work maintains such clarity, as it is generated by hand, rather than on a computer. Each assignment leads to a unique work of art.  Sarah’s ability to create abstract sculptural compositions has given her a recognizable style and definite market niche; She possesses’  great visual ability and a creative approach that is just plain-fun. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah.

Images found at the website of  Sarah Illenberger.



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