Lofty adventures

As we contemplate growing our family and someday having kids share a room in our home, I have found myself gravitating towards bunk and loft beds.  I think they really lend a special quality to a kids room because kids love small, cozy, intimate spaces (ever seen any kid pass up playing with a huge cardboard box?).  And I'll admit, I think they're pretty cool as well.

Of course, the closest I ever got to having a cool bunk bed was the loft my grandfather made for me to use in college.  It was essentially a bed with legs with a small ledge you could hoist yourself up to the top with.  It was functional and sturdy…but it was NEVER as cool as these awesome loft and bunk bed styles.

The kid inside of me totally did back flips when I saw this awesome set up.  But the practical adult in me realizes that 1) our ceilings aren't high enough for this concept and 2) our kids would outgrow this well before we'd gotten all of our investment out of it.  Still…I think the concept is pretty fresh and innovative.


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BIG PLAY DREAMS – teeny tiny living space

My in-laws have been visiting and it is at times like these that I really start to realize just how small our house is.  It is perfect for just me and my husband, our baby and the cat, but once you add anyone else in the mix, it gets terribly claustrophobic.  It doesn't help that we don't have a play room, so all of our son's toys and things are out and about in the living room.  So that's gotten me thinking to the possibility of a play room.  We have a third floor that is currently being used for storage.  Well before we purchased the house, someone did put up some crazy-old paneling and it is wired and has baseboard heating.  We eventually want to turn the space into a master suite, but until then, we have started considering making the space a play room.

I was googling around the interweb in search of playroom inspiration and found these lovely spaces.  They are definitely well above and beyond our means and/or space…but it sure can help a momma dream. 

Just check out this amazing slide.  And don't let the slide take your attention away from the super-cool rock climbing feature, loft area and the reading nook. 


And this space is nothing if it isn't whimsical.  I have a vivid memory of clambering up the ramp on the toy floor of the Wanamaker's in Philadelphia each Christmas season to get on the monorail.  The concept of being able to play on something that logically shouldn't have been able to fit inside a room was really magical to my little-kid mind.  I can only imagine that having a tree house WITH a tree in your play room would just be the neatest thing ever!


Of course, we wouldn't have to go totally overboard.  Just the fact that the space is an attic and thus already has cathedral ceilings, space for things like a loft and cozy built ins is enough to infuse fun and character into the room. 

With inspiration like this one, I might just rethink the whole master-suite-on-the-third-floor concept and save it for the kids.

What was your favorite playspace when you were a kid?

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