What I saw in… Lisbon.

Lisbon, Portugal. Where and how do I begin with this city? Full of colors and patterns, everywhere you look. Take this photograph above, how vibrant are the colors? I specially love the teal square windows/shades, so great. And once you start to really explore the place, you are going to very quickly realize every decorative tile on the side of a building was laid in by someone AND sidewalks that are lined with limestone, all done by hand. The painstaking process of it all… and yet I wish we have more of those stateside.


… the bougainvilleas were in full bloom when we were there. Just amazing. And the graffiti? Looks strangely at home doesn’t it?


… don’t ask me why, I couldn’t help but to take yet another Coco-Cola related image (see a more rustic one in Mijas, Spain, here). This caught my eye straightaway as I was struck by how such contemporary graphics could look that good on a traditional cable car. Doesn’t look out of place at all.


… beautiful typography on the side of this building. Still so relevant till this day, don’t you think?


… first off, the blue (and white) door! Such an odd shape but I love it. And the tiles… this is what I’m talking about, this and more – all over Lisbon.


… I was completely inspired by the black and white photography that was displayed along the buildings, for a good four blocks maybe. And they were ads, much less. Simple, but can you see the emotions in them? And how they echo with the patterned limestone on the ground? Such a strong visual statement.

{ all photography by Peggy Wong }

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As I write this I am T-minus twohours from leaving my home and flying to Portugal for a mini-vacation with my husband.  We never went away on a babymoon before having our son, so this is not only our first vacation away from HIM, but our first vacation alone together in waaaaaaay too long of a time!

When we booked our trip, all I could think of was getting someplace warm.  It has been no secret that this spring in Massachusetts has been anything but warm; even last week it was 50 degrees and misty out.  Bleh.  It has since warmed up to the point of it seeming to be ridiculous to leave one warm locale to go to another.  But regardless of the weather, just a change of atmosphere promises to be invigorating and inspiring.

I am really looking forward to the Mediterranean architecture of Lisbon; with all of the buildings tightly balanced on hills…


…quaint, old-world alley ways with secrets in every nook and cranny…



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