Watercolor Mirrors


Watercolor patterns and accents are high on my list of trends to love at the moment. What’s not to embrace about art-inspired products scattered throughout your home, begging to be utilized as a tool to inspire your own creativity? And although I’ve seen the trend manifest itself in many ways – from clothing to throw pillows – one of my favorite applications is in Petite Friture’s Francis Mirror


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Genius Design: The Curious Vase

Designer Mianne de Vries’ curious vase is as much of a study in human tendencies as it is a sculptural accent for the home. Here’s the gist:

Each vase includes 2-4 vases inside, enveloping each other similar to a Matryoshka doll. Yet to reach each vase, you must break the one surrounding it, revealing a new vase design. The result is a perfectly interactive statement piece that begs the question: Would you dare break the vase?

I love the idea, and would have to admit I’d likely never break the outside vase for fear I wouldn’t like what lies beyond! (And what happens if you only have two vases inside? Would you risk breaking the second and hope there’s a third behind it?)

Eek! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. What would you do: break the vase in the name of curiosity? Or would you keep it in its original form forever?

Images via Mianne de Vries

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