A Shoe-In For A Pillow

Think the only place worthy of your favorite leather shoes is in the depths of your closet? Think again. Artist Baptiste Viry created a patchwork cushion out of used leather shoes as part of a larger collaboration with Yellow Velvet. Of course, it’s sold out (even at $1200! Eek!), but I love the inspiration behind such an unusual object.

Amazing, right? I don’t even want to imagine how long it must have taken to make! So surreal. Hats off (and shoes?) to you, Baptiste!

Image Credit: Yellow Velvet

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Spotted: Over-Dyed Sling Chairs

Overdyed rugs are such beautiful statements in any spaceNail Salon Blueprint – Ebook $16 Commission!, but when transformed into seating? They simply sing.

Still & Co. recently created an edition of over-dyed sling chairs for Sit and Read in a perfectly spring color combo of grassy green and vibrant yellow. Priced at just over $1600, I certainly wouldn’t call the chairs affordable, but the look is so perfectly aspirational – and who knows, maybe DIY friendly?

In fact, check out the dying process in this video to get some ideas of your own!

Click for more: Nail Salon Blueprint – Ebook $16 Commission!.

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When Fashion Meets Furniture

When I spotted this collaboration between Slovene architect Spela Leskovic and fashion designer Almira Sadar over at Design Milk, I knew I was in for a treat. With patterns, textures and lines that are built for swooning, this collection is truly one for the ultimate design lover.

The collaboration celebrates Slovene heritage in a variety of ways, most importantly with its use of crocheted florals. And with its puzzle piece-like modular arrangements, the collection pays homage to design integration at its best.

What do you think? Yay or nay? And are you ready for a crochet break, or do you embrace the handmade movement’s future?

Photos via AKSL

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Product of the Week: The Rocking Bed

You’re flabbergasted, aren’t you? Me, too. I can’t quite speak to its functionality, but I will say that this rocking bed design is out-of-this-world beautiful.

Designed by Shiner International’s Joe Manus, the bed can be cemented in place with rubber stops, or left to rock the night away. Available as an indoor/outdoor piece, I can only imagine what a statement it would make in any space.

Of course, this unique piece will set you back a pretty penny: $3,000 to be exact. A small price to pay for mobile dreaming, yes?

Photos via Archigalle

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Shop Talk: Mrket

Photographer / designer Peter Bagi launched Mrket after dreaming of owning his own general store. Well-edited with emerging art pieces and curated housewares, Mrket is a must-see for quality design and celebrated function. Here are a few finds I’m craving!:

1. This black walnut cheese board deserves to be displayed daily. What a beauty! ($55)
2. Made of reclaimed wood, the Sailor Sam Lamp ($160) would make a lovely industrial statement in any space.
3. A pair of old style creamers are a classic addition to every kitchen – and fit the bill indeed! ($15)
4. The Yew wood knife holder ($75) hails from the Pacific Northwest and begs to be spotlighted in a rustic-inspired kitchen.

Any beauties you see in the mix? Happy shopping!

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