Inspiring Nursery Design

Recently, the nursery below designed by Trenna of Trenna Travis Design Studio was selected as the May Project Gallery Winner over at Project Nursery and I couldn’t possibly be more in love.

Like all well designed spaces should, it took me some time to truly reflect on this space and figure out exactly what it was that tickled me so much.  In the end I determined that it doesn’t just boil down to one single thing, but rather a combination of good choices that makes this nursery such a winner in my book.

First, the color palette with its various hues is fresh, yet still maintains its sweetness.  Everything from the vintage aqua crib to the persimmon pillow; the preppy greens in both large scale (the chair) and tiny scale (the Greek Key curtains) patterns; the mintier green side table and the flash of poppy orange buds in the silver vase work together to create a gentle, relaxed ambiance just perfect for a sweet baby.

Second, even the neutrals in this space are all very varied, yet compliment each other perfectly.  The cable knit throw; the light wood floor; the venerable Ikea pendant; the linen storage boxes; the quilted crib bumper; the quirky ceramic owl lamp; the tone on tone picture frames and the beautiful, woven shades are all texturally independent of one another and yet so perfectly work together to give the space depth and light.

The one and only thing in this room that confuses me is the placement of the crib right in front of the curtained window.  But, for the sake of compromise, I will go ahead and chalk it up to the need to style the room so that everything fit in one perfectly framed photograph.

Many congrats to Trenna on her much deserved win.

Care to share any fresh, new nursery designs you’ve come across lately?

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It’s Baaaaaaack!!

Way back when we were researching cribs for my now 20 month old, we were specifically looking for a two toned, non drop-side crib that would withstand the antics of up to three kids.  We found the perfect, perfect crib at Pottery Barn and apparently were lucky to snag one because shortly after ordering ours they discontinued the line. Above is the Skylar crib in our nursery about a month before our son was born.  See how beautiful it is?! (side note – see how awesome sauce those FLOR tiles are?!!)  I will never ever doubt our decision to purchase this crib even though it was a pretty good chunk of change.  First, I can tell you that in 20 months, our son has done everything in his power to destroy this crib, and it still looks as good and functions as well as the day they assembled it for us in his room.  Second, we have a small house and we can use all the storage we can get.  Having the drawers at the bottom of this crib has been a great way to store everything from extra bed linens to toys (now that he's big enough to explore the drawers). The crib is sturdy and stylish and… …apparently available yet again through Pottery Barn Kids!  Now, normally I don't hawk other people's wares here on this ole' bloggity blog…but I originally wrote about our crib on my personal blog when we first got it and it is the number one driver of search traffic for my blog so clearly people have been looking for it – thus, consider this a public service announcement. If you're looking for a beautiful, multi-functional, two-toned crib, non drop-side crib; look no further.


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Mini-Masters in Your Home

Is it just me or is my kid an artistic genius?  I would imagine most parents feel that way when they look at the masterpieces presented to them by their budding prodigy. The folks who put their child's painting in the apartment above probably do, and from the looks of the painting, they just might be right.

Children are very prolific, so there's lots to display.  Here are a few ideas to help you display the art of the talent who owns your heart.


Using a curtain rod and rings to create an ever changing display is a very clever and doable idea found at project nursery.

Covering the walls in durable wall paper (the example above uses seagrass wallpaper as found in Elle Decor) or cork board, allows you or the kids, to hang, rearrange, take down and put back art again and again without worrying about ruining the wall.

If you want to cover every inch, there's a Graham & Brown's wallpaper by artists Taylor & Wood that you can customize with your child's artwork or they can directly draw, paint, etc. right on it.  Very fun.

And as long as we're talking about drawing on the wall, here's a pretty neat idea from artist Maria gil ulldemolins as discovered on Design Sponge.  There's a roll of paper at the top of the frame, so the artist creates right then and there when the inspiration comes and voila–it's framed.  When another creative urge hits, just change the paper for a clean canvas.

I've custom framed a few of my son's creations, but it can be costly.  That's why this LiL'Davinci Art Cabinet is so great. You can easily refresh the frame with your child's latest work and store up to 50 pieces while your at it.

As kids grow so does their skill and their repertoire.  Filling your house with their masterpieces fills your home with joy as big and bright as their proud smiles–and yours. 

Images: (1) Odeedoh, (2) & (3)  Project Nursery, (4) Home (5) Design Sponge, (6) Lime Green Catalog

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