My egg cup runneth over

I recently rediscovered the soft boiled egg and with it my old friend the quaint egg cup. It brings back childhood memories of my Mom making me hot tea and a soft boiled egg.  I would gingerly dunk my buttered toast into the egg, soak up the warm yolk and gleefully slurp it up. But the real treat was the china chicken egg cup. A little chipped on the beak, a few chips of paint off here and there–but I loved it, loved it. I don't know why such a small thing like an egg cup can bring so much comfort and joy, but I'm glad it does.

Possibly that is why there are as many different egg cup designs as there are stars. Perhaps design doesn't have to be big and loud to capture attention, and appreciation.  Sometimes it just has to be able to make you smile and feel good.


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