Raf Simons

Raf Simons is the influential designer behind Jil Sander and his own Eponymous line. His mantra is “Pride in Individuality”. Fabulous. In addition to being a talented designer, he’s an interesting guy. Raf was born in Belgium in 1968. He graduated in Industrial Design and Furniture Design in 1991 and started working as a furniture designer for galleries and private interiors. Then, he made a radical change of profession, and became a self trained menswear designer in 1995. A true interdisciplinary designer, introducing his modern and individualist design philosophy to all he touches. From his fashion design, to the design of his home,  I just love the he simplicity and considered detailing reflected. ‘Simon’s mid-century Modernist two story open floor plan apartment in Antwerp is full of collectible art and furniture’. The space is visibly deliberate and modern, and the art collection is playful, and full of color. There is a wonderful curated feeling to the space, well composed and presented. The abundance of natural light creates a warm, inviting and very livable environment. Thanks Raf. Nice digs.

Images found here. Excerpts found at Raf Simons website.





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