FLOR story – Oh, how happy


We LOVE when our customers are  excited about FLOR. After searching high and low for a new rug this customer found FLOR to be her perfect solution. She used Toy Poodle to transform her spacious living space into a cozy place for her child to play. 


Hello Flor, 

Oh, how happy I am with my flor carpet/rug concoction… I have these lovely hardwood floors, curse the hardwood, I love carpet, and I have been looking for a rug for about 5 months. I need something that is around 16 feet long by 8 feet, and felt unhappy about purchasing a brand new rug, simply because after a house remodel where you inevitably end up having to buy many things new, I was looking into these color reform rugs where artisian rugs are redyed… but they were about $14,000 dollars!! So for a long time I had nothing. Then I saw your website, saw that the rug squares were 38% post industrial recycled materials, and that your company is committed to reducing your impact on the environment and I was sold on a ´new´ rug product. I decided to order 20 squares to start with, and see how it looks. I whipped it down in no time, and now I am so happy with it, I am definitely going to get the other 30 squares. I love how it makes the fact that toys are on the floor look great, like, hey this family has kids who plays! yay!

Very happy, thanks, Flor!


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