Precious Trash


One persons trash is another’s treasure. Indeed. Swedish Designer Johanna Törnqvist has created a collection created from recycled textile and plastic. Quite a beautiful fashion and environmental statement, handcrafted, and each unique. ‘Precious trash’ is a dress made out of recycled material, based on one familys consumption of coffee and pasta for 2 months. To make the dress trash has been processed and refined to become precious material’. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Perfect.

Image source Precious Trash, excerpt David Report

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Green Living: How To Dispose Of Old Carpet

So you’re finally getting rid of that old, eyesore carpet in the living room … what a liberating feeling! But how can you be kind to the planet at the same time that you’re beautifying your home? If you’ve got FLOR, you can take advantage of the company’s Return & Recycle Program, but otherwise it’s not always clear what your green options are.

Cynthia Phakos of Koffka Phakos Design recently tackled this question at Green Home Guide, and her answer was so helpful that I wanted to share it here. Although Phakos says that “there is no nationwide infrastructure in place for recycling carpet at this time,” she has several good ideas:

  • Contact the vendor - If you know who made or sold your carpet, contact them directly and ask if they have a recycling program. Or contact other carpet manufacturers in your area to see if they’ll take it.
  • Find a carpet recycling facility – If you’re lucky, you’ll locate one near you on the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) website, or perhaps find someone in your region whom you can call for more advice.
  • Reuse or donate it – Consider making area rugs from your carpet or donating it to an organization like Habitat for Humanity. If it’s not too dingy, I also suggest listing it for free on sites like Craigslist, Freecycle, or Planet Reuse.
  • Make your new carpet a recyclable one – “As you are also planning to purchase a new carpet, you are in a position to consider what you will do at the end of its useful life, and preference should be given to those carpets that are recyclable,” says Phakos.

Read more at Green Home Guide

(Image: Flickr member ericknielsen licensed under Creative Commons)

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