The Doors Next Door

A new store just opened up in my little haven.  To be honest, I am quite jealous since the space itself is beyond lovely; refinished wood floors, lots of light on both ends, a back door that leads to a courtyard shared by a few restaurants, a winery and a cheese shop.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that I once dreamt of opening up a small paper store with a cupcake bar in the back in that very same light-filled, whimsical location.

But, alas, someone has beat me to the punch and really the whole hamlet is better off for it since I can neither make a good cupcake nor see myself as the purveyor of all the things (including patience) that would need to go into a brick-and-mortar type establishment.

But I digress.  Recently the shop curator shared on her blog her dressing room dilemma.  Seems the owner of the facility wouldn't allow her to bore down into those freshly rehabbed floors, so she had to come up with another way to create a dressing area in the space.

Fortunately, with some ingenuity and refreshing taste, she was able to repurpose a few old doors into a charming dressing nook that belies the simplicity of the set-up.  I love how using an old door can instantly add character to a space.  Not that the space below needed any extra character, but I can't even begin to imagine any other headboard that would be more appropriate for this darling daybed than the rustic old door that was chosen.


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