A wall made entirely out of paper. Possible? Practical? Absolutely, with Softwall and Softblock Modualr Systems. This is a beautiful fluid solution to divide or define space. This flexible honeycomb structure will expand, contract and flex, forming sculptural spaces and seating topographies.  It seems to me the design solutions are limited only by the extent of your imagination.

The most impressive quality is its structural integrity. The fact that this lightweight and flexible material can be weight bearing is a bit hard to believe, as you trustingly sit upon it. The inherent makeup of this system provides opportunity to use it not only as a wall system, allowing us to delineate spaces in our home environments, but also as a gorgeous seating solution, or partition system in public spaces or in relief shelters. The overall length of each unit can be customized and manipulated to create any number of sculptural configurations.

‘All elements in the softwall + softblock modular system connect together with concealed magnets in an almost seamless way with the vertical joints between elements blending with the rhythm of the vertically pleated structures. The magnetic end panels can also anchor to any steel or magnetic surface. A white powder coated steel strip is available from molo to create an anchor point on walls, columns or cabinets’.



The following excerpt from, discusses the material uses, dimensions and color. It is a cost effective, environmentally conscious system, with a multitude of applications.

‘The tactile, experiential qualities of the textile and kraft paper softwall + softblock system are suited to shaping more intimate ephemeral areas within larger open spaces. softwall + softblock further provide a medium for shaping the acoustics and light of a space. The cellular structure and vertical pleats that run the course of an expanded wall serve to dampen sound while translucent or opaque versions of softwall + softblock can sculpt the light of a space. Opening softwall is an awe inspiring experience as the honeycomb expands to create a completely free standing structure, hundreds of times larger than its compressed form. You can choose to open any softwall or softblock element to the maximum 4.5 meter (15′) length or choose to open it a shorter length to suit a particular occasion or space. softwall + softblock modular system includes a variety of standard and custom heights up to 3.05m (10′) tall.

softwall + softblock modular system elements are available in two materials; textile and kraft paper. The textile is a 100% polyethylene non-woven textile with a lightweight paper-like look and feel. The textile is highly tear, UV and water resistant; thus making it durable to handle and maintain. textile softwall + softblock are available in translucent white and opaque black. Light transmitting through a white textile softwall, brings the visually delicate fibres of the material to life; absorbing and containing luminosity similar to a block of snow. The opaque black softwall is dyed a deep rich inky black with UV resistant bamboo charcoal ink that produces a subtle sheen reminiscent of charred wood and allows the fine pattern of the fibres to show. The second material, kraft paper, is an unbleached paper made with 50% recycled fibre and 50% new long fibre. The new long fibres give strength, reinforcing the smaller recycled fibre to make a stiff robust paper. kraft paper softwall + softblock elements are all opaque and available in a natural unbleached brown with a warm earthy presence and also a deep black that has been dyed with bamboo charcoal ink.

Images and excerpts found at the designers website:


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