Nestled in the mountains, one hour away from the city of Salzburg Austria, is Wiesergut, a modern retreat. A family estate, beautifully transformed into a sanctuary of light, nature and fresh air. The plot of land on which the Wiesergut stands, has been in the family since 1350 and has been used for small-scale farming for over two generations. This tradition continues, preserving artisanal craft with locally-sourced foods grown on the grounds that grace the tables of the hotel’s restaurant. Bespoke furnishings by Austrian designers commissioned exclusively for Wiesergut furnish the hotel’s 24 private quarters, from hand-blown glass chandeliers right down to the steel door handles. The attention to detail in every part of the experience, from food to view to space is intentional and beautifully designed.

Images sourced at Design Hotels


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The concept of building a tree house as a hideaway in and among the clouds has evolved significantly since I was a kid. There are some treehouse concepts that push the envelope aesthetically, and materially. They are sophisticated structures, often sculptural and inspiring. At our house, we support a culture of building. You never know what may show up from the recycling bin in the next creative project. We will be embarking on a new building on our site, occupied by three boys and their daydreams. We’ve been collecting imagery on the inspiration wall in my office to fuel the boys creative energy. Will it be suspended up in the treetops, or be planted firmly on the ground? Either way, it’s bound to be a lot of fun. Watching the boys develop their ideas on sketch up, building models, and exploring boundaries, both physical and of their imagination, are life’s lessons bound in a pile of twigs. Not being afraid to test an idea, understanding the gift of failure and embracing the collaborative process, are what will make this retreat their own.


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