DIY Greenhouse

In the spring, the promise of time in the garden is a welcome respite to Chicago winters. To get a jump on the gardening season, I often start seeds in my basement, with varying degrees of success I’m afraid. I’ve often thought that a greenhouse would be a wonderful solution, but have not pursued it given the investment it believed it would require. I found a wonderful DIY project utilizing salvaged windows to create a greenhouse. I love the re-purposed glass, as well as the overall aesthetic. It is full of character, and is warm and welcoming. Best of all, it can cost next to nothing to make. Try craigslist or free cycle to locate windows, often free of charge from a remodeling project. The old saying holds true, one person’s trash is another persons treasure.

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Gabion Fencing

Spring has sprung, and with the onset of warmer weather, I have set my sights on the garden. Last season, I investigated many types of fences, as we were planning a project to enclose our courtyard. Over the months we were designing, I collected images of many beautiful and textural options. One of my favorite solutions was the Gabion Wall. These cages can be filled with inorganic material, or even repurposed construction debris.

Gabion walls are wirework containers filled with rock, concrete, debris, or any material you find of interest. Traditionally, these walls are built in the construction of dams and retaining walls, but used as a decorative or architectural solution, they offer unmatched depth and texture.


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Bennett Robot Works

Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is Bud. Bud is the imaginative creation of artist Gordon Bennett. Standing 13” tall, this collection of parts and pieces, beautifully composed, encapsulates a spirit within. Mr. Bennett’s robots are whimsical, yet painstakingly precise in their execution. The detailing of each object and connection is exquisite. I appreciate the time taken to craft each one of the robot identities, and the insight provided to their implied personality by their given name.


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