A Color Story: A Rustic Office Idea


Today’s Color Story is inspired by a super simple and rustic office idea using a sawhorse desk and an unlikely space – under the stairs. Since square footage is limited but everyday life is busy, many small space dwellers definitely have learned to utilize space in a small space. In this case – the staircase. Let’s take a look at how this homeowner used their space for creating rustic office that works.

1) Use furniture with floating legs. Furniture with long legs allows the eyes to keep moving and opens up a space. Probably one of the best small space tips out there. I love sawhorse tables. They are interesting in shape and they have the floating legs feature.

2) Negative space really allows a room to appear larger by, once again, keeping the eyes moving. By placing a table against a wall with a lot of height, you are providing an opportunity for this to happen.

3) Keep it neutral. While I love color in smaller spaces, sometimes keeping a clean and neutral palette all the way through is the best way to create a cohesive space. This home seems to have a rustic, neutral vibe so continuing that in the office area works. I like that there are small doses of color by way of a succulent and the book.

4) Balance is key in smaller spaces so definitely consider anchoring spaces with height. In this room, the negative space above would benefit from a pretty and rich toned rug. I’d love to see the Reverb Brown tiles here – perfect for an anchor and would complement the rustic style of the wood desk.

These Flor tiles in the Reverb line have a cool lined texture added in and would work not only in this particular color palette but in the design vibe of the space.

{image via Desire to Inspire}



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Designing a Pet-Friendly Home

If you’ve seen the cover of our new fall catalog, you probably noticed the adorable dog sitting attentively on one of our new styles:  Line, Please.  (Yes, he is real … we think he’s a Wire Fox Terrier. Update:  The pooch is a she (Sophie) and she’s a Lakeland Terrier.  We were close and she’s still super adorable!).

For anyone who has ever owned a pet you know there are occasional mishaps that accompany these adorable little creatures – kitty scratches on furnishings or pillows, puppy accidents on the carpet, or the periodic chewing of your favorite rug or shoes.

But fear not – it is possible to have a beautiful home without having to oust your furry friend.  One of the secrets in designing a pet-friendly home is choosing materials that work for you instead of against you.  That means, choosing textiles or patterns that can actually help to camouflage things like pet hair, accidents, snags or spills.

We have a slew of pet-friendly styles from our new Fall Collection that do the trick: Mild Mannered; Level Setting; Sound Check; or, Reverb – to name just a few.

(above: Mild Mannered – Thyme)

(above: Level Setting – Black)

(Above:  Sound Check – Pewter)

(Above: Reverb – Persimmon & Magenta)

These low-profile styles are less likely to trap pet hair or soil and use variations in color and texture that give them extra camouflaging qualities, making them perfect for homes with pets.

Check out more reasons why FLOR is the smart answer for beautiful, well-designed homes that happen to have pets (or kids).

photos:  property of FLOR inc.


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Behind the Scenes: 2011 Fall Catalog Shoot

The new Fall FLOR catalog is in homes today.  Here are some snapshots behind the scenes of this season’s catalog shoot.

Sometimes all it takes to create a totally unique look is a change of perspective.  Here, our designers used three hues of House Pet and simply slid every other square off-center to create a brick pattern.  The end result is dramatic yet really easy to achieve.

From a higher vantage point it becomes easier to see the shift.  Download this rug map to create a brick pattern of your own.

Final catalog shot:

Our designers started with this cool configuration of the runner on the back cover featuring our new style, Reverb

… but, the we love the final shot just as much.  Both include ½-cut tiles to create a unique checkerboard or interlocking sort of design.  Plus, the color combination is a knock-out.

Final catalog shot:

The bright green painting was the focal point of this room, so our designers chose to play off that piece to create this multi-colored patchwork rug in Toy Poodle.  It serves as this season’s page 2-3 editorial feature, and helps to illustrate simple FLOR math:  square + dot = rug.

… last-minute primping of the model before the final shot for the page 2-3 editorial spread.

Final catalog shot:

We just love the cool and serene blend of blues in this rug, which uses House Pet to add some texture and pizzazz to the room.

Final catalog shot:

To create the magic you see in the catalog each season truly takes a village.  Our team does everything from producing the props (yummy baked cupcakes)…

… to critiquing each shot for composition and lighting, making sure it is just right…

… to entertaining the talent between takes (with kids, that can be a handful!).

Final Catalog Shots:

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