Robert Segal & Alicia Rosauer

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Unison was started in 2006 after husband and wife team, Robert & Alicia, returned to the US after a four year design stint at Marimekko in Finland.  Together they design and manufacture a collection of household goods ranging from printed bedding, children’s bedding, blankets, throw pillows and table linens.  Their collection aims to bring modern design into the practical world of daily life.  Unison graphic motifs are minimal, yet substantial, lending themselves to be mixed and matched to create either a streamlined look or something more colorful and playful.

Certainly modern and minimal could be used to describe their bedding; however, the collection manages to give off a warm and inviting feel.  Robert & Alicia are dedicated to using high quality materials and to manufacturing their products to meet or exceed textile standards.  In addition, they proud to participate in local production, their signature hand-printed pillows and table linens are cut and sewn at small factories around Chicago.

Robert & Alicia recently opened up their studio for retail three days a week.  In addition to being able to interact with customers about their goods directly, they are introducing accessories and household items from designers whom they admire – items that pair quite nicely with the Unison asethetic I might add.

We loved the architectural style of these candle columns designed by 2nd Shift, a design studio in Cleveland, Ohio.  Constructed from steel and concrete, they have a solid feel and their hexagonal shape encourages trying out all sorts of configurations.

They clearly have a knack for merchandising and I always think it’s a brilliant idea when product manufacturers decide to open up their doors to retail.  It is always such an educational and rewarding experience to be able to interact directly with your audience.  We’re thrilled that their shop is just a short hike from the FLOR offices.  Honestly, it’s a little self-serving – there are lots of new little ones being added to the FLOR family these days and I think we now have a go-to gift – Check out these adorable booties – an exclusive offering from Unison created by their sales manager, Michelle Vondiziano.

Stop by FLOR’s Chicago location in Lincoln Park this August 30th and you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the Unison team.  I’m interested to hear about their experiences opening up their studio space as a shop, aren’t you?

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