A Glass Ceiling Break Through

Every once in a while I come across a design image that makes me immediately think, “Oh!  We TOTALLY have to do that!!”  Of course, then I quickly remember the confines of our current living space (a lovely space that we plan to inhabit for many, many years) and realize that there are certain limitations to my sky-high desires.

Below, is one such image.

Oh we could totally achieve this look in our kitchen…but we’d have to move the kitchen to the 3rd floor, which really isn’t practical.


Fortunately, I have found some other beautiful, inspiring ceiling designs that are actually quite reachable.

We’ll start with the Coffered Ceiling.  Always a dramatic treatment, a coffered ceiling does require a certain amount of space in a room to truly shine.  This one that spans the kitchen and great room is embellished with bead-board and beautifully detailed moldings.


For a more modern, yet more romantic (in my humble opinion) version of the coffered ceiling, a circular pattern can really make an impact.


Paneling a ceiling can also be a fantastic upgrade.  This kitchen balances charm with modernity.  The stainless steel, mini-subway tiled backsplash contrasts so beautifully with the rustic, paneled ceiling for maximum appeal.


Even less of a challenge for ceiling installation is the charming tin ceiling.  Very popular in the Victorian era, the look can be replicated these days with stamped aluminum or even plastic.


For a less permanent ceiling treatment, swags of linen can have a very powerful impact.


Even small spaces can take advantage of a ceiling treatment.  The application below is actually a wall paper graphic that can be custom fit for the size of your room.


If the thought of wall papering your ceiling doesn’t make your back ache and your fingers go numb, you could always go the stencil route as well.  This damask print is quite the statement…


…likewise, this delicious, large-scale graphic ins bold turquoise is a game changer for an ordinary bathroom/laundry nook.


And if stenciling or wallpapering or applying a textural treatment seems too overwhelming, it is always an option to utilize some simple faux painting techniques.  While faux finish applications on furniture and walls may have seen their prime, an application on the ceiling would offer just the right amount of perspective to make the technique fresh.


Have you ever done any of these to a ceiling in your home?  Would you?

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The Art of Consistency

One of the decor theories I struggle with the most when it comes to planning a space is consistency. I'm a fickle person, so it's hard enough to settle on a style for each room, let alone a style for an entire home.

Yet after spotting this lovely Stockholm apartment from Emmas Designblogg, I've completely changed my tune. The elements are perfectly paired and balanced, utilizing a great deal of natural materials and clean minimalism.


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Inspired by… Fashion!

A few weeks ago, New York City was all abuzz with Fashion Week shows, outfits and wardrobe malfunctions. I was lucky enough to jet-set over to attend a few events myself and was astounded by the talent displayed by one of my favorite designers: Jason Wu. Full of quirky patterns and unexpected ensembles, the show was indeed a platform for greater things: decor!

Below, I've paired a few of my favorite outfits with some complementary rooms. Proof that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere!

[Images: Style.com and Lucyina Moodie]

Above, mustard and navy make for a lovely fall pairing and when accented with bright blue, the aesthetic sings.

[Images: Style.com and ArhZine]

By piecing together black florals and sheer patterned fabrics, the result is chic, layered and sophisticated.

[Images: Style.com and FLOR]

Want a bolder look? Pair our very own FLOR tiles with dark pink florals for a vibrant room that's sure to earn you major cool points.

[Images: Style.com and ArhZine]

A sequined tank and a motif of teacups are extraordinarily complementary when paired with black accents. Why not channel this inspirational look and vow to take your decor less seriously?

Now that's what I call fashion forward decor. Happy styling!

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