Carpet Query: Which Would You Choose?

When Gregory and I moved into our new apartment a few months ago, we brought along the faux bois-patterned carpet tiles from our former living room. However, after a while we decided that they just didn't look right in the new space with its palette of grey walls and yellow accents. (Fortunately they do go very well in our new woodland-y bedroom, so we just picked up them up and moved them.) Now the question is, what should we replace them with?

As I mentioned the other day, we ordered some FLOR samples, which have proven to be very useful for evaulating color, pattern, and texture (especially with the help of our little testers). In order to get a sense of what a full-size carpet might look like, we are also in the midst of Fun With Photoshop!


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The FLOR Design Contest Winners

And the winner is…

We’re thrilled to announce that the winners of the 2009 FLOR Design Contest have been chosen. A big congratulations goes  to Vanessa, Anne Marie and Tiffany  for having the top 3 winning designs.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. We were so impressed by the creative thinking that went into all of the designs submitted. We hope that everyone enjoyed this as much as we did and look forward to more of these in the future. Be sure to check back to see  FLOR’s interpretation of these beautiful designs coming soon .


“Garden Close-Up”


Boulder, CO

Vanessa was inspired by a decorative piece of art when she designed “Garden Close Up”. This design captures her love of nature and passion for color, with big flowers that pop against a backdrop of green using FLOR’s Feelin’ Groovy. Vanessa describes her design aesthetic as mid-Century modern and is currently in the process of remodeling her home. As one of the winners, Vanessa plans to place her new FLOR rug in either her living room or home office to bring a bit of nature indoors.


“FLOR Sunrise”

Anne Marie

Los Angeles, CA

“FLOR Sunrise” was designed using different colors of Striped Poodle to mimic the inspiring shades found in a morning sunrise. As a communications editor and someone interested in graphic design, Anne Marie has a passion for retro, 50s-inspired design and doesn’t shy away from bold colors. She plans to showcase her new FLOR rug in her living room to add a ray of sunshine to her home.


“Off Kilter”


Virginia Beach, VA

Tiffany’s current obsession with all things tartan has come to life in “Off Kilter”. She used FLOR’s new Pop Tartan combined with accents of Take a Ribbing in red and Feelin’ Groovy in yellow. To add some texture, Tiffany threw in a strip of Shaggy Sheep for something different. An event planner by day, Tiffany has recently discovered the joys of interior design and is using her skills to spruce up her new home. Tiffany plans to accent her living room with her new, “plaid within a plaid” FLOR rug.

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