My Flor-Filled Office

I’ve always been a huge fan of FLOR tiles, ever since my husband and I outfitted our Los Angeles with House Pet in an attempt to create an impromptu office space. And then, we welcomed two dogs into our home, making FLOR all the more functional for the many messes our four-legged friends bring with us. Yet it wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized the beauty of FLOR. A soft, ever-so-washable and buildable rug – suitable for any space from playrooms and offices and everywhere between? I now consider these tiles to be the #1 essential tool for every baby-proofer’s kit. In fact, I recently decked out our baby-proofed office in one of FLOR’s latest designs – Reoriented. Here’s the reveal!:


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FLOR story: Music to Our Ears

We love to hear when one of our customers falls in love with their FLOR. Check out how Lisa used Short Shag and Velvet Twist  to create the perfect rug for her not-so-perfectly-shaped space.


Dear Flor,

 Attached is the rug I designed for my piano room.  The room has angled walls, and your square rug concept allowed me to create a rug that not only match the space with regard to color, but also match the shape.  Only Flor could have made this rug perfect for my space.  The checkerboard pattern of flat and shag carpet is elegant and unique.  And the boarder is just amazing.  We love the rug and Flor.  We currently have three Flor rugs and are working on the fourth right now.  

 Thank you,

 Lisa K

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