Why Don’t You…?

Decor is all about breaking the norm, bending the rules and pushing through the boundaries. Look around your home: how many "rules" are you living by that just simply don't suit your lifestyle? A symmetrical room you just can't relax in, or a stiff, upholstered sofa you have to wrangle your children from daily?

Throw the rules out the window. Case in point:

Image Credit: Number 19

Some might argue this bed isn't grounded properly in the room, with no headboard or end tables (save the one in the corner) to help balance it. Yet this bed is cozy, inviting and beautiful – with or without matching end tables. Sure, it's floating in the middle of a giant room, but it works.

Inspiring, yes? Remember this bed next time you're second-guessing whether your home is decorated "properly" or not. (Hint: there is no "properly!")

Go forth and have fun with your decor — FLOR's orders!

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