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Rusty’s art background combined with an inherently rebellious nature have resulted in a gorgeous body of work that blurs distinction between fine and decorative arts.  A Houston native, his interest in classical art and architecture took him on a journey traveling the world.  He’s returned with his signature style that combines hand-painting and hand-printing techniques.

Beautiful, rich and luscious are all words that describe Arena products. They have a quality of depth that can be attributed to their unique production techniques.  Rusty is dedicated to preserving and developing new hand printing techniques that are impossible to replicate through computer generated imagery. The technical capabilities of Rusty’s facility can be attributed to the engineering brilliance of his brother who designed and built custom curing units that allow for the creation of durable and colorfast textile products.

Rusty has created designs that have a fresh modern feel but are clearly rooted in a great appreciation and understanding of classic design.  The above patterns are printed on linen further enhancing the natural and handmade feel of the product.  In addition to the Arena line, Rusty creates custom couture textiles and wall coverings for clients.

Rusty has the ability to see things in the natural world and imagine how elements would translate to different surfaces – printed on linen or embossed into velvet. His natural eye for color and content is evident in his work, as well as the technical skills that allow him to move between media with such ease.

The above swatches are from his wallcovering collection, he also has a collections of designs printed on jute, linen and velvet.  And have I mentioned that he is also a sculptor, painter, designer and enjoys cooking – kind of a renaissance man, wouldn’t you agree ?  Stop by our Houston store on August 30th to meet Rusty in person and learn more about where he finds inspiration to create so many beautiful things.

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