Roadmap To Genius – Improve Intelligence & Iq

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time making s Roadmap To Genius – Improve Intelligence & Iq alt-dough ornaments to give to various relatives, neighbors and friends as Christmas gifts.  We also hung lots of them on our trees.  They were and still are a great thing to do with kids in those ever increasing dark hours after school but before dinner in the last few weeks before Christmas. 


But though our salt-dough ornaments graced our tree for YEARS (shellacked well, they seemed to never look the worse for wear even after spending the summers in our sweltering, humid attic in New Jersey…however, the first year my parents moved to Florida the ornaments failed to survive the elements and were a gooey, moldy mess upon opening the box of decorations come Christmas-time) I never considered how when done simply, they can truly fit into a modern home's Christmas decor.


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