Sarah Illenberger

As a photo-stylist, I am always looking for design inspiration. I came across the work of stylist Sarah Illenberger. Her modern, fresh and innovative approach is highly stylized and deliberate. At first glance, it is apparent she has a keen eye for detail and composition. Right up my alley. I especially enjoy her creative approach to the abstract representation of food. The simplicity is somehow childlike and accessible. Almost good enough to eat. These visual collections are so artful and beautiful, I find them frame-worthy, and could see them on display. She has created work for Wallpaper Magazine above, and Nike, and Papercraft below, as well as many other high end companies around the world.

Born in Munich, Sarah works out of her studio in Berlin as an Illustrator, Art Director and Set Designer. Her work maintains such clarity, as it is generated by hand, rather than on a computer. Each assignment leads to a unique work of art.  Sarah’s ability to create abstract sculptural compositions has given her a recognizable style and definite market niche; She possesses’  great visual ability and a creative approach that is just plain-fun. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah.

Images found at the website of  Sarah Illenberger.



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