A Bathtub Boat!


The moment I spotted this fun, quirky (yet oh so beautiful and sophisticated!) bathtub boat on Shelterness, I knew precisely what I’d be writing about today. After all, it’s not every day you see a well-designed object that so perfectly beckons you to live that slow, meaningful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Indeed, life is fast. Slowing down for a warm tub sounds like a dream come true – especially when soaking in a wanderlust-inspired object. What do you think, friends? Would you purchase (or build!) a tub shaped like a boat? Or is it a bit too… nautical for your taste? Weigh in below!

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Scandinavian Dreams

I've been planning the perfect Thanksgiving in my head for months (I know, it's a bit early to chat about Thanksgiving, but it's November, so that counts for something, yes?).

I'm dreaming of a Scandinavian Thanksgiving, with black, white, wood and patterns. Of course, aprons, wooden spoons and tea towels are ever-present, but I'd also love to bring in some extra decor for the holidays. Mixing IKEA with some old classics, I think I've managed to get the look I'm dreaming of!:

Oh, I can feel the chill in the air already! Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? How do you plan to decorate?

[all image credits at polyvore]

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