The Schweikher House

There is a little known modern architectural gem in the western suburbs of Chicago. The Schweikher House was designed by Robert Paul Schweikher (1903–1997).  The home and stu­dio was built in 1937–38. Located on a farm field just outside Chicago, ‘the house staked its own dis­tinc­tive posi­tion in the world of Prairie School evo­lu­tion, inter­na­tional mod­ernism, and Wright’s yet-to-be-defined/built Uson­ian invention.’ Influenced by the simplicity of Japanese architecture, ‘the Schweikher house is unique for its time—mid-century Mod­ern before such a term existed.’

Schweikher’s successful career included training at the Art Institute of Chicago, work with David Adler’s practice, and a role as chairman of the Yale School of Architecture. Clean lines and well detailed architecture of the home, paired with an abundance of wood throughout the space, creates a uniquely warm yet modern aesthetic.

The Schweikher House is the only listing on the National Register of Historic Places in Schaumburg, Illinois. If you are interested in supporting preservation efforts at the Schweikher House, contact The Schweikher House Preservation Trust. The home is privately owned, but tours are available. Take a look at the Schweikher House website for more information, and history about this gorgeous dwelling.

Photography:  Nathan Kirkman
Images and excerpts sourced at the Schweikher House website.

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