These beautiful light fixtures are created from waste. Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Whether working in recycled aluminum or cardboard, the simple forms created by Graypants, are functional works of art. What I love the most about these sculptural elements, is the play of light in a dark room, as a result of the transparency of the material. The cavities inherent in the cardboard construction allow for ‘light leaks’ which dance around the room, creating both direct and indirect light source. Brilliant.  The diagram Gray pants has created sharing their production process explains the closed loop philosophy. Made from discarded material, these fixtures are fully recyclable.

In their own words:  ”Graypants is a conceptual design studio. We responsibly create products, architecture, and other fun things around the world. Founded in 2008, graypants operates teams in Seattle and Amsterdam solving problems and collaborating with clients and retail partners worldwide. We strive to realize ideas that are thoughtful. Whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics, each of our projects has a story. Most importantly, we have fun doing it! We enjoy collaborating with all walks of life – that is where we find true inspiration.


Images and excerpts sourced at the designers website:  Graypants

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