Why Don’t You…?


… make an impromptu stool with a stack of magazines and some belts?

I love how resourceful many stylists are, swooping in at the last minute to further beautify a less-than-perfect space. In this case, a bit of reading material goes a long way in bringing some personality (and surprise seating!) into the space. Such a fun idea, right?


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Inspiration From Nature: Mushroom Stools

As avid hikers and mushroom hunters (for photographing, not eating), my partner and I are always looking for ways to incorporate our love of nature into our home decor. As we've discovered, we aren't the only ones inspired by mycological forms! These stools, for example, are reminiscent of the myriad shapes and colors of fungi that we have found on our expeditions. For fun, I thought I'd pair them up with some of our photos…

The Tendo Mushroom Stool was designed by Yamanaka Group in 1961 but not put into production until 2003. With a piece of glass on top, it can also be used as a table base.

This Mushroom Stool was hand carved from mango wood and has a secret storage compartment inside!

These mod Mushroom Stools are from Yayoi Kusama Furniture by graf.

SHIMNA's Mushroom Stool is made from walnut wood sourced in and around Pennsylvania and turned on a lathe.

Have you seen any other cool mushroom-inspired furniture or accessories?

(Images: Tortoise, Viva Terra, graf, SHIMNA)

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Let’s All Have a Seat

Recently, my husband decided he wanted to get a seat for our 15 month old son.  He promptly headed to our local baby-supply warehouse and realized that there was not one option available that he felt comfortable bringing home.  Their main offense: licensed characters.

Now, before I get labeled anti-fun, I should let on to you that I actually KNEW some of those licensed characters (as we put it back in the day) “inside-out”, and took my relationship with those characters and the relationship of those characters with their adoring public very. seriously.  So I totally understand the purpose of those characters in children’s lives and imaginations.

That said…I don’t want Mickey, or Tigger or Lightning McQueen or Barbie or any Marvel Comic Superhero plastered all over a major piece of furniture in our living room.

Thankfully, there are some terrific options out there for toddler chairs in a variety of price ranges:

Top Left: You’d be hard pressed to find a chair any cuter than this cow, bear and bunny trio at Restoration Hardware; Top Right and Second Row (Left): The quality workmanship and great style of these selections from KidsZits in the Netherlands makes the delivery fee to the US worth it

Second Row, Right: Land of Nod offers this classic, frameless seat for kids

Third Row, left: Have you heard of the Fatboy?  Basically it is a plush pillow/cushion that you can form to any variety of seat to prop you up.  Awesomely, they have a kids size…even more awesomely…they’ve partnered with Marimekko to make some super vibrant seating solutions; Third Row, right: By far, the most versatile of all the options, the Fleezy Futon converts to a lounger by simply detatching the top from the bottom

Bottom Left: Pottery Barn Kids has lots of slip cover options for their frameless “Anywhere Chair”; Monte’s Cubino Chairs are offered in a range of colors and are a beautiful option for any modern playroom.

We ended up going with the option from Pottery Barn Kids since it had the same shape as our armchair and thus fit in well with the rest of our living room decor.

What chair would you choose?

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