A Few Pretty Things…

Every now and then, I feel an urge to indulge in my femininity. Lace, neutrals and light, flowy textures aside, there's something to be said for embracing the softer side of life. Inspired by a recent Country Living post showcasing a few doily decorations, I've rounded up my favorite "pretties" for the month:

[Products, clockwise from left to right: Fog Linen at HORNE, Antler Chandelier at HORNE, Wool Vest Kit at NET-A-PORTER, Hammock at DesignMe, Pinecone at Magenta, Crochet Stool at Le Souk]

Is there anything more lovely than soft linen, warm furnishings and plenty of fluffy, Scandinavian-inspired texture? We may be well into the dog days of summer, but I'm dreaming of days where wool is necessary, a light evening breeze calls for a hammock and pinecone collecting is in season once again.

[Images: The Inside Stoop, Sandra Juto]

Where better to enjoy my collection of pretty things than in a beautiful space like this one, full of plush, comfy couches and natural light? And because beauty is in the imperfect, a sweet picture of the healing process would jump-start any calming senses necessary.

How do you feel? Relaxed? Serene? Even [gasp!] feminine? Happy summer, friends — enjoy the rest of it before it's too late!

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Landlocked Beach House Style

As you know, I am a former Jersey Shore girl of the non-Snookie variety and I love me some laid back, coastal style.  Fortunately for me, our 101 year old colonial has enough character to help enhance a laid back beachy style were we ever to fully embrace it.  But the rest of my family is landlocked in Pennsylvania living in a townhome. If you love the coast, how can you foster that type of aesthetic in your own home without going too theme-y?

I am always on the lookout for design inspiration that celebrates the breezy style of the shore without painting all of your walls white and relying on a great water view.  Here are a few wonderful examples I have found recently:

The horizontal striping on the walls in this room sways a bit nautical for my taste…but I love the detail of the moldings in the corners against that gorgeous blue.  The muted tones of the repetitive artwork on the wall help add to the calm, serene feel of this bedroom.  And nothing says beach vacation like a white, chenille bedspread:


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