Emeco Sezz Chair

A collaboration between Emeco and Christophe Pillet , welcome the new Sezz aluminum chair. Handmade from 80% recycled materials, it is gorgeous and sculptural, and appropriate for use both indoors and out. Emeco is known for its work with aluminum, and for their collaboration with some very talented designers. Christophe Pillet’s collection joins the work of Phillippe Stark, Norman Foster, and Frank Gehry, who have also collaborated with Emeco.  The passion for aluminum as a material and the uncompromising dedication to process is reflected in the company philosophy. “We make chairs. That’s what we do. Handmade from 80% recycled Aluminum. It’s not easy. In fact it takes 77 steps to get there. Designed to last for 150 years. Now that’s what we call sustainability.” Emeco.

“The Sezz chair is a little story about Emeco and what Emeco has become, the capacity of the best of the best. It is a specific story, an interpretation of the Emeco way. The idea is to be timeless and create desires, using the objects in its purest form. When you collect, you choose items you would like to keep for a long time and not throw away, even when these items are not in fashion, you still love them. Today we buy items because we desire the memories attached. I sometimes see my job as a designer just like the writers, artists or movie makers – it is about storytelling. You buy furniture because they are representing your sentimental values, like keeping old photographs. Its all moments in your life. Same when you are choosing furniture, its building your story.”- Christophe Pillet

Images and excerpts found at the Emeco website.

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