Why Don’t You…?

… turn your favorite sport into a one-of-a-kind wall installation?

Furniture designer Andy Whitcomb’s portfolio is chocked full of inspiration, but what really caught my eye was his stunning tennis racket art. How adorable would this be in a teen’s room, or perhaps displayed in a colorful, modern loft?

And why stop at tennis rackets? Get creative with your family’s favorite sport – from badminton birdies to vintage field hockey masks. Although I suppose if bowling is high on your list, displaying your favorite 8 pound Brunswick might require a bit of creative shelving. ;)

Happy decorating!

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Ivy Shelving by Paris Lowitz

Modular shelving never ceases to interest me (see Yube Cubes and Way Basics) – but these might take the cake. Combination shelving and art piece, Ivy by Paris Lowitz is a system designed to "grow" on your wall as you see fit. 

The system includes three different pieces that can be configured and reconfigured in an endless array of combinations. I love the organic yet streamlined forms. 

Alas, Ivy is just a concept right now but I hope it gets put into production someday! 

See more images: Paris Lowitz Design

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