A Fresh Start

With the new year rolling around any second now, I've been thinking about changes I'd love to make in my decor. And although it sounds perfectly normal to crave a new throw pillow this January, I'm going for something a bit more extreme:

I want to change my decor habits. Forget changing out a decorating scheme each season — I need to simplify. If my home is to be an oasis, why am I filling it with so much… stuff?

This year, I vow to simplify. To buy thoughtfully, thrift practically and decorate accordingly. I vow to live by the old adage "a place for everything and everything in its place." Sure, it's fine to spoil yourself now and then, but I'd much rather save for an investment sofa than drop $20 every time I see a cute tea towel staring at me from my favorite storefront.

Anyone with me? Do I smell a challenge? Let's make 2011 the year we live simply and gloriously, free from the chains of clutter and unabashedly fabulous.

Deal? Deal.

Image Credits: Lonny Mag

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