Bright Idea: Hanging Furniture


I often find small space solutions the most inspiring of all. There’s just something so creative about taking a few restrictions and pushing through potential boundaries to brainstorm a solution that can honor both form and function. And in the case of Printerette Press’ studio, one such solution is a bright idea for any apartment dweller looking to maximize their space:


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A Sculptural Room Divider

Everyone is forced to live in tight quarters at some point in their lives, yes? For me, a teeny studio apartment in Los Angeles was my first foray into small space dwelling, and I remember the constant struggle to keep the room cozy, yet airy. A very hard combo indeed.

Until now. Had Bloomming’s LightFacet room dividers existed, I would have been a much happier gal. Each piece is a perfect blend between visual interest and modern lines. They’re gorgeous, yes?

I love the idea of utilizing room dividers to compartmentalize various areas of the home, but they can be equally instrumental when installed on a wall for an unexpected art installation.

What about you? Do you invest in room dividers in your home? And what are a few of your favorites?

Image Credits: Bloomming

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Entryways: Does Size Matter?

Entryways are by far my favorite space in the home. Not only are they often cute, sweet and tiny, but they're the first chance to show your guests that you mean serious decorating business. Even better? They don't have to be crazy large to make a massive bang.

Below, I've rounded up a few examples of fantastic entryways — with not a lot of square footage. Regardless of how much space you have to work with, there are many foolproof methods to maximizing your entryway's impact.


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