Why Don’t You…

… go completely overboard?

There’s nothing calming about the living room above, sure, but doesn’t it just grab you? Of course, one might argue that there are far too many cushions, not nearly enough seating and an uncanny amount of mismatched artwork. But I say? Beautiful.

Go ahead – break the rules this week. You have our permission.

Image via That Funky Boutique

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Moooi Boutique

When designing a room for living, I prefer to leave the surround light and bright, and bring strong elements into the environment for focus. It makes for bold and dramatic spaces. It does get tricky sometimes, as primary furniture pieces like a sofa can prove to be a hefty investment, and it feels risky to go with a bold statement, as you will want to live with that choice for a considerable amount of time.

Slipcovers came into fashion years ago for good reason, as they are removable and easy to clean, which is a plus for those of us who live with kids and pets. They offer the option to use multiple covers to suit your mood of the moment, and provide the ability to change with your style choices over time. Often, slipcovers are frumpy and a bit sloppy, and aren’t suitable for a modern or clean lined environment. Or are they?

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