FLOR Story: Providing Balance

Dear FLOR,

The hardwood floors underneath my beautiful new FLOR carpet had become hazardously slippery to my sweet three-legged wonder pup, Celia.

Her travels through my home – from area rug in the living room to area rug in the master, for instance – forced her to cross ‘little oceans’ of hardwood floors, where she would often lose her balance and slip, causing pain and potential injury to her one back leg. I know this issue to be a concern for owners of older pets, as well, who see their animals’ balance grow unstable over time, and heartbreaking falls become more common.

I had tried non-slip booties for Celia – really, I had tried everything – as I honestly thought that deploying carpet would be a true sacrifice in style and cleanliness in my casa.

However, after visiting the FLOR Store in Dallas and working with Sean (FLOR’s design consultant at the store), I came away pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely LOVE my FLOR carpeting – the gorgeous patterns designed (one for entry and master, another for living – and all flowing seamlessly, smartly together!), the quality of the line, the smooth install process.

FLOR warmed up the entry, living and master so much – in terms of both style and coziness. And the flexibility of changing out a tile should there be an accident of any kind (pet? wineglass? : ) is just fantastic.

Celia is SO happy, too. Literally, she stretches out and smiles.

Thanks loads to Sean for his TLC and the amazing design work he did for the new FLOR wool carpeting in my home! I absolutely love the finished product, and have received so many compliments!


Dallas, Texas


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A Few Pretty Things…

Every now and then, I feel an urge to indulge in my femininity. Lace, neutrals and light, flowy textures aside, there's something to be said for embracing the softer side of life. Inspired by a recent Country Living post showcasing a few doily decorations, I've rounded up my favorite "pretties" for the month:

[Products, clockwise from left to right: Fog Linen at HORNE, Antler Chandelier at HORNE, Wool Vest Kit at NET-A-PORTER, Hammock at DesignMe, Pinecone at Magenta, Crochet Stool at Le Souk]

Is there anything more lovely than soft linen, warm furnishings and plenty of fluffy, Scandinavian-inspired texture? We may be well into the dog days of summer, but I'm dreaming of days where wool is necessary, a light evening breeze calls for a hammock and pinecone collecting is in season once again.

[Images: The Inside Stoop, Sandra Juto]

Where better to enjoy my collection of pretty things than in a beautiful space like this one, full of plush, comfy couches and natural light? And because beauty is in the imperfect, a sweet picture of the healing process would jump-start any calming senses necessary.

How do you feel? Relaxed? Serene? Even [gasp!] feminine? Happy summer, friends — enjoy the rest of it before it's too late!

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