The Sound of Design


Nick Cave's Soundsuits

“My work, clothing and fiber-based sculptures, collages, installations, and performances, explore the use of textiles and clothing as conceptual modes of expression and pose fundamental questions about the human condition in the social and political realm.”—Nick Cave, Academic Profile, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

 Artist Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits” bring together the art of textile design with dance into a celebration of form that moves and sings.  His art is inspirational on so many levels my mind is simultaneously paralyzed and ready to burst at the same time.  What I can say is that I am excited by the beauty and originality of Mr. Cave’s art and how it combines design with sculpture with dance with music. To me it is what great design and art is all about—individual expression that communicates on multiple levels.  It’s a feast for your eyes, ears and if given the chance–your fingers.

Hear Nick Cave define his own work on YouTube.




1,2,3,4,- Photos by James Prinz, Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

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