Just for Fun: Fantasy Floorplans

brandi roberts

Blueprint-inspired art and TV shows together as one? Artist Brandi Roberts designs fantasy floor plans recreated after fan-favorite television series that have aired over the past seven decades. Think I Love Lucy, Friends, Mad Men and even The Simpsons. Painstakingly accurate and inventive, each blueprint is sure to delight the TV-obsessed architect in your life. What a fantastic gift idea!

Tell me, what is your favorite TV house? I loved The Cosby Show’s brownstone growing up, as I lived on a ranch and always dreamed of taking my ubiquitous prom photo on that perfect white staircase. And isn’t it¬†fascinating to see how family homes have grown and changed throughout history?

Image Credit: Brandi Roberts

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The JustK Eco House

I have the highest of regard for architects and the insane level of form and function they manage to marry in each of their designs. A true mix of science and art, great architecture is a rarity meant to be treasured for years to come.


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A Sculptural Room Divider

Everyone is forced to live in tight quarters at some point in their lives, yes? For me, a teeny studio apartment in Los Angeles was my first foray into small space dwelling, and I remember the constant struggle to keep the room cozy, yet airy. A very hard combo indeed.

Until now. Had Bloomming’s LightFacet room dividers existed, I would have been a much happier gal. Each piece is a perfect blend between visual interest and modern lines. They’re gorgeous, yes?

I love the idea of utilizing room dividers to compartmentalize various areas of the home, but they can be equally instrumental when installed on a wall for an unexpected art installation.

What about you? Do you invest in room dividers in your home? And what are a few of your favorites?

Image Credits: Bloomming

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