An Organized Kid’s Space

organized playroom

Playrooms are notorious for brightly colored clutter and messy floors. Yet with a bit of ingenuity, a lot of space planning and a handy woodworker, you can transform an average toy room into a play house fit for those adorable tiny toes that run your life.

The white paint keeps the look streamlined and clean, while asymmetrical and seemingly sporadic cubes provide both open storage (for those beautiful handmade toys you love to display!) and closed (for the less-than-pretty items). Coupled with ample artwork and multi-colored accents, this room begs for creative kids to run rampant.

What do you think? Too much wall clutter, or just enough storage space? And how sweet is that wooden baby carriage?

Image Credit: Cirkus (originally appeared in Rum for Rum)

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See-Through Your Office Style

Ah, work. It can be exciting, demanding, challenging, rewarding, sometimes all of this wrapped up into one. While you are busy making things happen, consider doing so in a well-designed and stylish space. Whether you work in an office or from home, creating a design statement in your everyday work life truly can make a difference. A little color, a little style, a little design love not only looks great but can make you feel great – a win-win!

I often write and work from home and have created a dedicated office space. Aside from my personal items and important-to-me objects that adorn my desk, there are the usual office supplies…paperwork, pens, pencils, folders. These items can spill over so I used my fave small space trick when it comes to containing these things – a lucite tray. See through items continue the eyes to keep moving and allow the space to appear bigger – yes! And this see-through idea can also be interpreted to your entire home with lucite tables, shelves and more.

{Office desk via Style Creative}

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My Favorite Space (Today!)

My taste changes so quickly these days, but one room I've been continually drawn to in the past few weeks is this eclectic mix of industrial beauty:

[Photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt]

I've never seen cold tile look so cozy and when paired with such a magnificent butterfly/insect display, the space is surprisingly welcoming (even for an insect-o-phobe like me!). The sawhorse desk, lateral files and canvas bins scream of function while that cheery red chair is begging to be sat upon for an impromptu work session.

I'd love an office as visually inspiring as this one — with or without a rug on the floor!

What do you think, readers? Is it all in my head? Do you love this space as much as I?

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3 Unique Beds

As much as I love great design, it means nothing without a touch of whimsy and personality. In other words, I'm a believer that your home should be yours, rather than a cookie-cutter replica of a glossy loft you've seen in the mags. Naturally, the following bedrooms scream of personality and the look is sheer perfection. Care to take a peek?:

[Image via: Poppytalk]

With a rustic, personalized headboard, classic color palette and simple patterns, this bedroom is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. And who wouldn't want to sleep under a romantic profession of love?

[Image via: Anthropologie]

Perhaps the least expensive headboard ever, this chalkboard wall is perfect for the non-committal. Craving a French four-poster bed? Feel like switching to a Danish platform? Fill in the blanks and color outside the lines of this chalkboard wall for an impromptu headboard that's as fun as it is personal.

[Image via: Suzie Beezie]

Low on space and high on bodies? These makeshift loft bunk beds look cozy and perfect for the little ones in your life. Why not try an adult version next time you redecorate? After all, why should the kids get to have all the fun?

Happy decorating!

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FLOR story – Oh, how happy


We LOVE when our customers are  excited about FLOR. After searching high and low for a new rug this customer found FLOR to be her perfect solution. She used Toy Poodle to transform her spacious living space into a cozy place for her child to play. 


Hello Flor, 

Oh, how happy I am with my flor carpet/rug concoction… I have these lovely hardwood floors, curse the hardwood, I love carpet, and I have been looking for a rug for about 5 months. I need something that is around 16 feet long by 8 feet, and felt unhappy about purchasing a brand new rug, simply because after a house remodel where you inevitably end up having to buy many things new, I was looking into these color reform rugs where artisian rugs are redyed… but they were about $14,000 dollars!! So for a long time I had nothing. Then I saw your website, saw that the rug squares were 38% post industrial recycled materials, and that your company is committed to reducing your impact on the environment and I was sold on a ´new´ rug product. I decided to order 20 squares to start with, and see how it looks. I whipped it down in no time, and now I am so happy with it, I am definitely going to get the other 30 squares. I love how it makes the fact that toys are on the floor look great, like, hey this family has kids who plays! yay!

Very happy, thanks, Flor!


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