House in the Pyrenees by Architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales

What a veiw! This mountain hideaway in Canejan, Valle de Aran Spain, is a project by Cadaval & Solà-Morales. Respecting the original and creating a whole new modern identity, this home is visibly grounded in its built history. Seemingly carved into the mountainside, its form responds to the Pyrenees mountains it is nestled within. Spectacular light and view, dynamic and graceful form, as well as interior flow and function. A modern beauty.

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What I saw in… Spain, part two.

Continuing this week with more images from Spain. What I love about traveling through Spain is that every city or village I visited, the local graphics just simply do not disappoint. Completely different look and feel from one to the next, yet somehow it all comes together beautifully as a culture, and a design community.

Calle Princesa / Barcelona
Love how the street number is simply engraved into the wall/structure itself. Injecting a dose of modernity to a street that is both old and new Barcelona.


Side street in Bilbao
This “Art After Dark” poster for the Guggenheim Bilbao really caught my eye. It was as bright as it looks, maybe even brighter. The “messiness” of everything around it just makes it that much more interesting.


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What I saw in… Spain.

Hello readers! It’s been a while I know… I took some time off and traveled abroad for a month. What I brought back are thousands of images, and deliciously happy memories to last me a lifetime. Believe me when I tell you I did not shop once, nope. Too busy taking photographs and honestly, just taking everything in… I thought I would share some of the more graphic and type driven images with you here. Starting from Spain, and we’ll work our way through a few more European countries later. Sounds good?

Montiel Restaurant / Barcelona
Besides having an amazing meal (best Spanish olive oil I’ve ever tasted!), this black and white mural with modern fixtures was pretty striking as well.


Font de Sant Jordi / Cathedral of Barcelona
For some reason, I was really drawn to this signage. The frame, the handwritten type, and those blue asterisks!


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A Holiday in Spain

When I first spotted these Son Gener boutique hotel images on Desire to Inspire, I immediately checked my frequent flier miles to see if a trip to Spain was in order. (It wasn’t.)

Boasting a perfect blend of modern and aged, the spaces are full of light, air and — in most cases — symmetry. Could you imagine waking up in such a beautiful space — bathed in fresh air and bright morning light?

And with minimal, organic furnishings — the stunning architecture gets the attention it deserves.

Oh, I’m smitten indeed.

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