A Pantone Colored Easter

Ok, a little Easter decoration treat for you design focused folks. Pantone colored eggs are just the thing for an exquisite, modern holiday brunch. Perfectly matched to Pantone Chips, these colors are true, and a lovely display for spring. Prop the eggs up vertically in a cup with just enough dye to cover two thirds of the egg. If you want to label your eggs with their Pantone color ID, try printing on Tatoo paper, but remember to add text backwards, so it will read correctly when applied to the egg. A fun twist on a longstanding colorful Easter tradition.

DIY project sourced at How About Orange

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Try This: Ombre Your Textiles


Spring is in the air – are you feeling it yet? Even though we experienced a massive snowstorm last evening here in the Midwest, I’m still feeling inspired as the calendar has flipped into March territory and warmer temps are right around the corner. Nothing feels more springlike than gentle pastels, so naturally, I’ve been gravitating toward these lovely photos today…


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